About Us

Online Marketing Switch is a call for companies to appreciate and make use of internet marketing to their benefit. Now is the perfect time to turn ON the switch and integrate digital strategy to the overall business plan and operation.


Thousands of companies in the Philippines are beginning to maximize the power of internet; applying its various tools and platforms to take edge and aim to win in the market place but the drawback to actively, consistently, and effectively participate remains a factor to many—How to start the campaign? How to make it work? How to sustain it?

Truth is, many organizations fail to convert successfully. Some may have done the attempt (say, those who opened an Facebook fan page but drop the effort of updating it regularly) while others are still hesitating to take the step, not even a website or other social links to validate their existence within the online space.

Think about this: almost half of the country’s population are active internet users (about 50M now), time spend on social media is 3.7 hours and Filipinos are checking Facebook at least 19x! Do you like to be seen when your target market goes online?

Don’t take chances. Don’t procrastinate. Turn ON the switch now! Let us include and intensify a proven Online Marketing techniques into the works!

The program is tailor-fit to your need; it shall be made simple yet effective, walking you through SEO and other digital jargons; allowing you to witness growth in your pipeline as it happens.

We have in our core the commitment to make your site seen on top and your business to ultimately prosper. “