Facebook Messenger: Easy Tool to Set-Up for Your CSR Initiative during Community Quarantine

Facebook Messenger: Easy Tool to Set-Up for Your CSR Initiative during Community Quarantine

We might not be going to work but it does not mean that our job stays in the office.  It is for real that companies cannot function as normal but regardless of the situation, we must always keep our customers as top of mind. How to connect with them? How to give an assurance that we are one with them during this trying time and that we will continue to do our part to serve them?

The best thing to do? Don’t disappear. Don’t be gone. Make sure your customers can still reach out to you. If we are on limited manpower then assign a platform or two to communicate. If we cannot provide our vital service while following the Enhanced Community Quarantine mandate, find a way to converse the best means possible.

A lot of people are on Facebook making it the most accessible free medium to use. For your Team, it is not hard to navigate as they themselves are probably using messenger on their personal chats.

Facebook Messenger Automated Responses

Here are the initial tips while setting-up the FB Messenger for your business so you can make the most of everyone’s experience.

  • Don’t clog your inbox. Once a message is done and addressed, move it to done. If message is from a troll, move it to spam. Sorting messages will help you identify the most important and latest messages.
  • Activate your Instant Reply and personalize your greeting; make sure to respond to messages someone sent you.
  • Giving automated answers to Frequently Asked Questions is a new great feature to mobilize. Gone are the days that you have to manually and repeatedly answer FAQs.
  • If you are closed on weekend or during holidays, create an Away Message and then get back to them following your work hours. You can all run this on schedule so you can plot it in advance.
  • Automating replies is a huge help but don’t leave the entire work to it. Make sure to review your inbox and provide human answers. Your customers will feel and appreciate real person answering their inquiries. There are also occasional glitches on the auto reply so good to check once in a while if it is working and consider sending random test messages, too.

When all this COVID-19 chaos is over, make sure to get back to them and deliver the promises. The current situation is a perfect time to strengthen your relationship with customers and the ideal way to pipeline upcoming sales when things get better… all these opportunities are possible—reason why we need to still invest in digital marketing while having the ECQ as a part of our daily life.

Just send me an email If you have questions on how to go around the Automated Responses and its other capabilities.