How to Keep Up with the Endless Digital Updates?

How to Keep Up with the Endless Digital Updates?

Things change very quickly in digital and no one can stop it. But how to keep up? I was about to run a keyword analysis using Google’s Keyword planner when I was greeted by a new dashboard, I had no time to explore it just yet as I was rushing to finish my task so I had to switch to the old version; the one I am very familiar to use gives the result that I need. But perhaps there is really no long-term familiarity when doing online marketing. Facebook Ads also announces that they are in the process of removing some metrics that are redundant or out of date starting July  2018. It is a must to always catch up with the latest updates, apply the newest versions before the one you know get totally obsolete, and be open to nonstop learning.

Keep up with the digital marketing updates

  • Subscribe to online resources – Check out MOZ, Semrush, Search Engine Journal, among many references. You don’t have to read the many topics all at once, don’t make it come to you as an info overload! First, read something that makes sense to you or concepts that you are mostly aware. If you have a website, perhaps you will be inclined to get deep into the hottest SEO strategy?
  • Actual application – The best way to understand the change is to be caught in the middle of the action. Don’t be intimidated when you are left clueless realizing the button you have been clicking for so long suddenly disappear on your favorite platform. There must always be a way to go around the digital maze.
  • Be creative – Do a research and explore the internet for answers. Be cunning to identify what links can really solve the puzzle. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials that do not make sense and appear to even complicate the simple just to look intelligent.
  • Ask questions – This is what I am urging my clients and their staff to do, ask then listen. If there is no one in your company who is digitally in-the-know, maybe you can get in touch with the speaker from a training you have attended? Or connect with the writer of the blog you have read? There are many generous online marketing professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and get acquainted with their audience.

When there is an update or a new product/functions/dashboards/systems being introduced, try not to be disheartened. Create a time to be comfortable with all these “newness”, stay calm and patient, remember that we are all just learning together.