7 Must-Do Activities When Jumping into Online Marketing

7 Must-Do Activities When Jumping into Online Marketing

What are the seven must-do activities when you finally decide to jump into online marketing? After some thinking, you are convinced that digital can help boost your sales and NOW is the right time to do it. What’s next?

Jump to online marketing

  1. Create a plan on how you aim the campaign to go – it does not need to be long but just a clear view of your digital strategy, how it will be implemented, and what success means to your company.
  2. List the people who will go onboard with your new “Digital Marketing Team” –  for creative side, you need a writer and graphic artist to execute your social media posting and web designs. For the technical, someone who can run SEO plus having the ability to read and interpret the insights and understands the internet jargons. For content, you may need a researcher who will curate relevant information. You may also consider having a project manager to make sure all these initiatives are in sync. But depending on your resources, it can be a one-man-show.
  3. Allocate your budget for these efforts –  digital work is not easy and can even be time-consuming, Facebook will not give you impressions without paying for it; Google will not rank your website on top #1 at once. It takes time and money to build a strong presence.
  4. Identify what social media to use – start with what you are most familiar to apply and where your target audience is—where are you most likely to engage (post contents and answer messages)?
  5. Browse the net for your website pegs – start creating a picture of how it will look, how your service will be highlighted, and ask around for a proven developer to work with. When you know what you like and if you can show a benchmark design and function, it is easier to negotiate for a lower website development cost.
  6. Reach out to your family, friends, and colleagues to help disseminate your online profiles – their help, especially on the first few months of the project, is vital. “Invite Friends” button on FB is very useful to spread awareness of your fanpage. If you have friends in the media or if you know a blogger, request them to write about our business.
  7. It is okay to be frugal for a start – use free online tools and check the urgency if you need to purchase the paid version or freemium is enough for the meantime? Hootsuite has a paid version but the forever-free-trial allows you to schedule posts for 3 social media accounts; Google Analytics and Search Console give juicy website report so you may use this data first before buying paid platform at once.

Go ahead and pursue this next phase of your company’s effort to gain more customers. There will be drawbacks but all the hardwork is going to be worth the sweat as you establish your online presence.”