2020 Free Directory Listing Sites in the Philippines

2020 Free Directory Listing Sites in the Philippines

If there is one thing that stayed the same in SEO, it is getting quality links back to your website. Referral link gives search engines a signal that your page is worthy of recommendation from other sites thus earn that elusive backlink.
quality backlink still work

But remember, not all links are created equal so be careful in picking the right stuff. Domains with .edu and .org are good start but not very easy to gain;  a lot of  .com and .ph are good picks but may vary depending on content and reputation.

free directory listing in the Philippines 2020

Directory listing is one of the many offpage optimization strategies done by SEO consultants. Last 2017, I shared local sites ready for free submission but some are no longer active. Here’s the updated lineup for your backlink generation reference:

  • Brownbook.net
  • Businesslist.ph
  • Companylist.org
  • Cybo.com
  • Dueclix.com
  • En.biz.yelp.com.ph
  • Hotfrog.ph
  • Tuugo.ph
  • Panpages.ph
  • Ph.enrollbusiness.com
  • Philippinecompanies.com
  • Philippinesdirectory.com
  • Pinoylisting.com
  • Sheryna.ph
  • Servicebasket.ph
  • Yellow-pages.ph

The registration process eats time so it will aid to prepare the following information to speed-up the work; it may not require all the data but good to have it ready for quicker output.

  • Email address
  • Complete business name
  • Complete office address (including ZIP code and barangay)
  • Name of owner (one person is okay)
  • Name of contact person
  • Landline number
  • Mobile number
  • Office hours
  • Website URL
  • Social media URL
  • Long and short business description
  • Business Tagline
  • Keywords
  • Type of Industry
  • Year established
  • Number of employees
  • 5 to 7 Images (company logo, product shots, real people photos)
  • Government-issued documents (any of the following SEC, DTI, BIR, Mayor’s Permit)
  • Valid ID of owner
  • Latitude/longitudes for the Map (you can get this from the listing sites themselves but good to save the details to easily pin your exact office location)

There are other effective ways to build your backlink strategy and monitor the success (or otherwise). I’ll be glad to talk to you and your team for your next SEO campaign.