25 Random Tips to Simplify Your Social Media Management

25 Random Tips to Simplify Your Social Media Management

Whether you are hiring a social media manager, working with online marketing consultant, or doing it by yourself, we all need to keep our social media accounts updated. Here are 25 random tips to keep your page within the radar of your fans/followers.


  1. Use Hootsuite to schedule a post.
  2. Share your own web and blog pages.
  3. Post a text accompanied with image(s).
  4. Answer relevant messages as soon as you can.
  5. It won’t hurt to do a grammar or spelling check.
  6. Create a content plan so you can traffic your post better.
  7. Highlight industry-related news and interpret the article, ask questions.
  8. Use maximum of two hashtags (okay to go beyond two if posting on Instagram).
  9. Listen and pay attention to what your community is saying. Tweak your tone, if needed.
  10. Do check-ins for conferences attended and make posts about company-related activities.
  11. Don’t write a novel on your post; translate it to blog if putting so many words is irresistible.
  12. Engage back to the tweets of your followers. Retweet, quote tweet, reply, heart, and send DMs.
  13. After acknowledging a question on the comment section, move the conversation to a private chat.
  14. Play around your post, do not just sell. Occasionally, you can have funny memes or inspirational quotes.
  15. Do a daily update.  Once a day post is okay as long as you remain consistent even during weekends.
  16. Sensible videos and employee photos get more engagement (engagement is the likes, share, comments, views).
  17. Run an advertising campaign even at a minimum – Facebook will not make your profile/posts visible unless you boost it.
  18. Make sure to fill all the information at the “About Us” especially the website URL as this is a good source of referral link.
  19. Personalize your response. Reply by their first names and do not just simply copy/paste the answer from your template.
  20. Integrate your post across other social assets. You may need to tweak a bit for Twitter to fit the 140 character allotment.
  21. Integrate all your accounts. Use similar or related images for headers and logos, keep the same tone of writing and maintain your branding color(s).
  22. Review and understand the Insights/Analytics.  Do not be overwhelmed with the information provided there; just focus on specific report based on your objective.
  23. Draft a community and posting guidelines so as to guide you along the way—identify what is shareable and what is not? Moderate your profanity filters in case trolls get in.
  24. Put a branding to your product/service images with small watermarks or website URL or contact number or email address—avoid putting several information on the photo.
  25. Do a research on what is currently trending and do not just join without knowing the origin.Once you are okay with the kind of conversation happening, use the hashtag(s). Just remember that it should still be relatable to your product or service and must be deemed interesting by your target market. Participate on holidays or join national celebrations, too.

Hope you are able to pick two or three tips that you can apply to your digital strategy. If you have questions or wish to get more details, email me today. I will be happy to discuss it further with you and your team.

 (Image courtesy of stockimages at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)