5 Proven Approach Your Company Can Embrace Digital Marketing

5 Proven Approach Your Company Can Embrace Digital Marketing

Introducing digital transformation takes time; there are still several companies in the Philippines that are not yet fully embracing online marketing. Other than being in-the-know of all things on the internet, there are techniques to push your company to fully embrace your digital-related initiatives. Your effort can be a success with proper strategy planning, focused mindset, resilience, and good relationship with your colleagues.

5 Proven Ways Your Company can Embrace Digital Marketing - OMS Blog

  1. Get support from the C-suite with data and metrics relevant to them – No need to use so much technical jargons, just put on the table what matters—say, if we spend money to boost a Facebook post  with the objective of driving more product inquiries via messenger then we can convert and increase  sales by 20%. Just make sure you have proper data to support it, perhaps a benchmark comparison of Facebook traction  with, without ads, and previous ad results. Be transparent and present real outcome.
  2. Provide training to various departments – This can help drive appreciation to the ongoing and future digital marketing campaigns. Have in mind that training with Sales is different from the approach with the IT people, adjust your presentation based on your audience.
  3. Identify staff who can be your ally – Some are more online savvy than the others. Many are the go-to person in terms of digital in their respective department, connect with them. Chat over coffee or while having lunch at the pantry. You will need this people to help push your campaigns as they are already an identified influencer among their peers.
  4. Give small rewards to employees who are engaging with your social media activities – Thank those who are consistently liking, commenting, and sharing your posts. Think of ways to keep their enthusiasm at the peak. During a monthly or quarterly town hall meeting, acknowledge those who are  always engaged or those who invited the most number of  friends to like the company fanpage then give tokens (Sodexo GC or Starbucks gift card always works!).
  5. Spot those with special skills that can be highlighted for digital contents – Encourage staff who can write well to contribute to your website’s article page then give them proper byline. Tap those who are articulate on camera to be one of the hosts of your company livestream while those comfortable to be on photos or videos can become one of the faces of your brand. Making your company human is very important and having real people as part of your content can draw higher awareness and engagement.

There are more ways to build relationships and  having an excellent technical skill with an authentic good heart can go far in digital marketing.”

We can help you  get this running as we merge your technical and people skills to obtain result from your company fully embracing the power of digital marketing. Get in touch today.