5 Ways to Soar Your Business with Online Marketing

5 Ways to Soar Your Business with Online Marketing

Marketing your business has now completely change. In order to advertise your product or service, you don’t have to be a million-dollar company and aim for big promotional budget. No need to spend a lot of money on TV commercial production and air time. Forget the cost of print advertisements!

If you love to bake and you produce yummy goodies, you don’t have to be disheartened and intimidated seeing Red Ribbon’s billboard or Goldilocks’ poster bearing a gloomy thought that no one would pay attention to your product because of such huge competition. You can make your business grow! Well, you can’t drive these companies to bankruptcy but you sure can compete head on given your resources! Really.

Doing internet marketing and SEO for a quite a while, I shall be including in my blog posts some online-marketing-related tips that I’ve learned and found effective. I like to start with the basic “how-to” of making a business grow visibly strong on the web, as follows:

  • Find your niche

Identify your specific target market. Are they your officemates? Your friends’ friends? Your neighbours? Your Google+ circle? It is better to have a specific group in mind and focus to each one so you can specialize your product or service according to what fits them the most.

5 ways to soar business with online marketing - OMS blog

  • Create a website

Website is like your physical store in the global landscape. It is where people can check you out, get more information, conduct research, and canvas your product or service so make sure you have good one.

  • Write a blog

Establish yourself as an authority in the field by creating useful contents to your target market and site visitors. You can use these articles to strengthen your expertise in the industry, invite new people to stay longer on your site, and give old visitors a reason to go back. Ha, you are not writer, you say? No worries. Others can provide you a great content at an affordable rate.

  • Be seen

A website is of no use if no one is going there! You need to promote it via social media and directory listing. Create a group or fan page at Facebook, open a Twitter account, join Instagram, connect via LinkedIn. There are tons of tools out there and sometimes it can be really overwhelming to identify which is useful to your business. What to do? For a start, just pick three and manage it well.

  • Engage

You got a couple of fans, you earn followers. What now? Take care of them. Build a relationship. Expand! Make sure to update your accounts at least thrice a day. Post relevant articles, useful quotations, and share the highlight of your business. When they ask, reply immediately. Browse their page, learn their concerns, and make a connection.

You find anything unclear? It’s okay, these can all appear very complicated at first but you can always shoot me an email, if you need help in promoting your online business. We can talk.