6 Ways to Spam/Troll-Proof your Facebook Fan Page

6 Ways to Spam/Troll-Proof your Facebook Fan Page

Managing a Facebook Fan Page along with the Messenger  feature is both fun and challenging tasks. It is an affordable platform to get closer and talk directly to our audience! Conversations and conversions can happen simultaneously right in front of your eyes. I have written blogs/tips to help you manage your page effectively but no matter how well you do it, trolls will crawl their way to you. They literally eat up (like those dementors from Harry Potter!) the positive energy of a social media manager and perhaps even the community. We may never figure out the Whys of the trolls’ nonsense action. Good news is, there is an ‘Expecto Patronum’ (counter spell to ward off dementors) for that. Here are the steps to take in battling the spammers.

6 Ways to Spam/Troll-Proof your Facebook Fan Page

1. Create your Community Guideline – This is a list of house rules on your page. You can ban people based on their disobedience and if they question your action (trolls have so much time creating chaos and being disrespectful), defend your move according to the guideline. It is good that your fans have a clear picture of how they should behave and that you are on top of everything.

This kind of content is optional but good to secure a page with written mandates anytime you are ready. You can also publish it via Notes. As an example, take a look at OMS.ph community guideline here.

2. Put your Profanity Filter to Strong – Facebook identifies the phrases to block depending on the most commonly used words reported as offensive.

Go to your page “Settings”, on the left sidebar click “General”, and read down to find “Profanity Filter” then “Edit”, tick “Strong”, “Save Changes”.

3. Include your own preferred words to block – You can expand the vocabulary of the banned words to help you feel more at ease. Add up the notorious lingo of your trolls to make sure that they do not terrorize your page. This comment will be automatically marked as spam and you have the right to approve or delete their comments.

Go to your page “Settings”, on the left sidebar click “General”, and read down to find “Page Moderation” then “Edit”, write your list or upload a CSV file if a lot,  “Save Changes”.

4. Report a comment – You can do this step if a troll manage to sneak on your defense and his comment is published.

Beside the comment is three dots, click it and go to “Find support or report a comment”. Pick accordingly.

Report an FB comment

5. Ban the trolls – A person who’s banned can’t post, comment, send messages or take other actions on the Page.

There are two ways to do this:

First: If they reacted to a post (thumbs-up, liked, hearted, cared, wow, cried, got angry), click the dropdown next to them and “Ban From Page”.

Steps to Ban a Person to a Fanpage

Second: This step is good as you will also know your list of banned people. Go to your page “Settings”, on the left sidebar click “People and Other Pages”, go to the updown arrow with “Banned People and Pages”, “+ Ban a Person”, then “Save”.

People and Other Pages

6. Marked as “Spam” on Messenger – There are chats worth keeping and chats that are persistently futile.

On your Main Inbox, find and click the exclamation point to move spammers away from you.

Move chat to spam

You should be safe now from the common spammy acts.  For those that are dishearten, I would always reiterate that there are more good FB users than bad, don’t let the few nasty batch consume our entire positive vibe. Keep inspiring people.

If you have more questions or clarifications on the process, just send me an email.