Who are the Members of Your Online Marketing Team?

Who are the Members of Your Online Marketing Team?

Many companies in the Philippines are now thrilled to integrate digital as part of their marketing strategy.  It was not the same scenario eight years ago when many still refused, doubted, procrastinated and shrugged off the idea. Going digital is perhaps the best move with 76M+ Filipinos are using the internet and 75M+ with Facebook profiles (source: Hootsuite’s Digital Yearbook 2019).

But the common misconception is manifested by the eager drive of CEOs to “do it now!” without proper planning and onboarding of the right people while expecting results to happen at once. At the onset, get team members showing authentic interest about the technology and has the tendency of maintaining their enthusiasm to continuously learn given the ever-changing algorithm lead by Google and Facebook.

Who will be a good part of your pioneer digital marketing team?

Build Your Online Marketing Team

Online Marketing Consultant – someone adept in the industry and can identify which among the many tools and strategies will fit your business. It is within her scope to manage and train the other team members so they can function effectively with less supervision. She is the go-to-expert that can lead the team to achieve set goals.

Writer – he is the one on top of writing contents for your website, social media, email marketing, and online press releases. He needs to understand your business tone and be able to converse with your audience the right way.

Graphic Artist – this person creates your branded images and catchy materials reflected on your digital assets. He needs to stay creative yet actively aware of the various updates in terms of image dimensions and guidelines across platforms.

Customer Service Representative – CSR is in charge of answering your private messages and email inquiries then moving all these concerns to the right people inside the company—making sure that each question is answered and issues are solved promptly as promised.

Social Media Manager – He owns what goes out of the social media pages, prepares the content plan, monitors the insights, and gives recommendations on the strategies. She must be a writer at some point and can communicate well with your followers.

Digital Marketing Associate – he serves as the assistant of the team and helps execute the day-to-day activities. The tasks include research and reaching out to other online professionals as influencers and web developers.

In some instances, Website Designer/Developer is also a part of the Team. SEO Specialist and PPC Expert can become fulltime or part-time depending on the work requirements.

Positions can overlap or merge depending on the scope of tasks and skill set of your staff. You may have less especially if the team can juggle well or more if expertise needs to be at their strong core. What’s most important is for each one to work in harmony of each other and integrate their specializations to achieve the same target.