What to Consider When Hiring an Online Marketing Consultant in the Philippines?

What to Consider When Hiring an Online Marketing Consultant in the Philippines?

Hiring Online Marketing Consultant in the PhilippinesAccording to Hootsuite Digital Playbook 2019, there are 4.4 billion internet users in the world and the number is rising rapidly every year. This means that brands can now reach more people via digital marketing. In the Philippines alone, there are 76 million Filipinos using the net and 75M has a Facebook active account. Other favorite social media platforms include Instagram with 11M profiles, LinkedIn with 7.40M and Twitter 5.08M. What does this data mean to organizations?

Companies need to sit and align with their marketing team on how to leverage digital to their advantage. Creating an FB page is a good start but just the beginning of a long adventure on the internet along with website and other tools readily available. But how to streamline the strategy? How to pin which of the many channels will work for your business? How to integrate this new opportunity to your overall campaign? And what are the specific steps to take in order to achieve the set goals (e.g. increase of online inquiries leading to higher sales)?

If you and your Team are somewhat clueless on how to answer these questions then that is a clear signal that NOW is the time to work with a digital marketing consultant. Before hiring someone, look into these five considerations:

1. Core Expertise – Internet marketing is vast so make sure to check his core knowledge.  If you aim for your website to organically rank (not running paid advertisements) on the first page of Google, hire an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist rather than a PPC (Pay-Per Click) expert. If you are hiring a social media content manager, try to review her writing skill as this is vital on your content creation and community engagement. Can he deliver the set goals?

Hiring Online Marketing Consultant in the Philippines

2. Conversion Background – Request him to share with you actual result of his work and make sure you clarify when the campaign was implemented. SEO tactics 10 years ago is different with the SEO strategy today so good to determine when the success took shape. Be alert of over promises and a hyperbole of triumphs. Do your own research.

3. Trainings Attended – At most part, digital landscape is changing faster than we can learn it. What a consultant know last year may be different to how it is today so it is vital that she stays on top of these changes by constantly learning. Check out the conferences or seminars she has participated as this shows her willingness to remain on top of her game.

4. Running Rate – As in all industries, fees vary depending on the person’s profile. Know your job requirements then try to be more realistic in bargaining with the rates as you might push away a good consultant if you drop the price too low and might end up with who’s just available. You get what you pay for, as they say.

5. Professional Attitude – Is he easy to work with? Trustworthy?  Is he approachable? Would he be patient and eager walking you through the jargons? It won’t hurt to find out what her former clients and colleagues are saying about him. A proven consultant would naturally earn positive feedbacks and authentic testimonials to validate quality output.

The person you will work with has to bridge the gap between your current business state and the vast network of online marketing possibilities that will boost your company’s growth. He will set the digital pace and drive you to win.