12 Content Ideas for Your Facebook Fan Page

12 Content Ideas for Your Facebook Fan Page

One of the strategies to keep the online relevance of your business is to maximize the use of social media marketing. But having a profile on Facebook is not enough to earn prominence. Daily, consistent, and quality posts are important to leverage your presence.

Facebook Fan Page Content IdeasThe core idea of using this tool as part of your overall digital campaign is to communicate and reach out to your target market directly. Populating the page with fans is not easy and may even require you to spend some money to become visible with your preferred audience in the Philippines or overseas. Making them like the page is one but keeping them glued to it is another. It is more challenging now because Facebook no longer includes your fan page organically on the timeline unless you boost it. It will make sense to your followers if you provide them with something of value; not just pure promotion.

Of course, you can occasionally highlight the features of your brand and strengthen the reason why it is worth purchasing but there is more to posting than just selling.

A minimum of a once a day post is workable if given a limited manpower and resources and do your posting when your fans are mostly online (generic time is around 7pm to 9pm to most pages but check your insight to verify).

What kind of post will keep your fans engaged? What’s your company theme? The first step is to always identify who are your followers—what are their interests? What motivates them? What are their worries? What keeps them happy? Then draft a weekly content plan to organize your posts every day. Here are some ideas to include in your plan:

  1. Make your page human and share real “insider” stories.
  2. Checkin when you conduct training or when you attend trade shows and include pictures with you and your team on it; tag the people to amplify visibility.
  3. Go live if you have a good material.
  4. Curate industry-related news and milestones; write a short note about the relevance of this news to your product.
  5. Get an inspirational quote from famous authors, create a design that represents your brand, and routinely post similar good images.
  6. Occasionally share your opinion about social issues but do not get political.
  7. Get influencers from your industry, negotiate with them on you how can collaborate, and from time to time repost their contents.
  8. Constantly create a new blog post from your website and always share it on your fan page.
  9. Start investing in original how-to, superlative listing (“most…”) and ranking type (“top 10…”) kind of videos.
  10. Take advantage of greeting your fans during holidays while using one or two trending hashtags.
  11. Explore various forms of contents like GIF, infographics, and memes.
  12. The attention span of followers is short so try to make your post text quick to browse, simple, and easy to read accompanied by catchy images.

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