Creating a Social Media Profile? What’s the Plan?

Creating a Social Media Profile? What’s the Plan?

Creating a Social Media Plan is TeamworkCreating a social media page must have a plan. You just don’t create company profile out of a bandwagon or the sheer excitement of seeing your logo online. You should properly think about what to post and how to effectively converse with your followers. Spend some time with your Digital Marketing Team/Consultants and collectively evaluate what your brand is all about and how do you like it to appear on social media. What’s our strategy?

Your plan does not need to be long and tedious but it has to be relevant enough to keep your online strategy within the track for a long time. If you have an existing page already, now is a good time to audit what was done and apply enhancements (perhaps replacing an old low-res cover photo?). Here are some aspects to think about:

  • Clearly define your objectives – What is the purpose of your Facebook, Twitter, IG, Linkedin pages? Do you like your fans to learn about your product? Do you like them to be inspired by your posts? Let them get acquainted with your staff?
  • Identify your goals – With all these upcoming work, what do you like to achieve? Build or strengthen your online presence?
  • Core messages – It just cannot be about selling your service only, what other kind of messaging are you going to push?
  • Target market – You are not talking to the 56Million Filipinos with FB account, trim the crowd and pin exactly who you will talk to every day.
  • Platform to use – Evaluate your resources and analyze where your intended audience is mostly concentrated. Find your platform and stay consistent in using it.

online marketing switch in creating a social media plan

  • Identify the budget – Know how much are you willing to spend and to what platform. In Facebook,  plan when are you going to boost a post and what contents are you going to promote?
  • Metrics – How are you going to measure success? Will it be with the number of reach or engagement? Or the number of inquiries made in a month? Who will analyze the Insights? How and when will it be presented?
  • Tone – Do you like to be funny? Serious? Friendly?
  • Proposed hashtags – What hashtags are you eyeing to use? And to what posts? Is this a new breed or already an existing hash?
  • Message flow – What would you ideally post on a Monday? What is the schedule theme on weekends? How will brand-related post be done? What time of day will it be published?
  • CTA mindset – What is your call to action? When people followed your page or have seen your post, what do you like them to do next?
  • Contents – Brainstorm with your Team and fill your buckets with ideas on what to post every day. Who will write the copy? Who will create the images?  For a start, you may take a look at this 12 content ideas for your Facebook page.
  • Finalize your social media plan – This serves as your blueprint.
  • Draft your one-week content plan – This gives an overview of your post in a one-week time frame.

Consolidate what you have all discussed and conduct an honest review of what works or otherwise. Yes, it is going to be a trial and error at times but this effort will go a long way if done right.