Creating Your Business Website and Why You Need it

Creating Your Business Website and Why You Need it

online-marketing-consultant-philippines-website_1Planning to launch a new website? Before you discuss a project with a web developer and  an online marketing consultant, make sure you have a clear picture and features in mind—from the color, texture, font, menus, pages, and contents. List your website pegs, don’t hesitate to ask technical questions to make sure you won’t get lost during the jargons of the development process. Give yourself valid time to plan.

It’s okay to scrutinize your own site before you go live and try to use a different POV when evaluating, perhaps ask friends to comment too.

  1. Is it easy to read?
  2. Is the design clean?
  3. Does it look professional?
  4. Are the buttons working properly?
  5. Does the color represent the company?
  6. Are there many steps in filling out the forms?
  7. Is the content relevant and useful to the visitors?
  8. Are the images in proper resolution? Not blurred, stretched, or unintentionally cut?
  9. Can you understand what the website offers at a glance? Without reading the copy?
  10. Does it only take a breeze to navigate from one page to another? Is it easy to browse?

But why spend all the time and money in creating a user-friendly website? This question usually pops during a client meeting; there are still a lot of business owners in the Philippines who are resisting to invest in the digital arena. They could be resting on their own comfort zones, satisfied with the traditional way of running their business or hesitant to try digital because of its technicalities and could-be uncertainties.

Why then have a website?

  •  It’s like your physical showroom where people can learn information about your business; it is an excellent platform to arrange in proper detail what you exactly offer.

a.   Check for reviews and  client testimonials
b.   Reconfirms the validity of your business
c.   Canvas products and services
d.   Check news and updates
e.   Do research

  • People are searching for the product or service similar to what’s yours, you might want to be there when prospect buyers look for it or else competitors can possibly grab that sales opportunity.
  • Your possible clients can find you wherever they are in the world; you can expand your target market.
  • Establish you and your company as an expert in the field. Write blogs, whitepapers, infographics, audio files, and create tips on how solve common issues of your buyers.
  • Building direct and quick communication to your customers becomes effortless. They can just shoot you an email anytime and you can lead them to your social pages.

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