On Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign: Plan Ahead and Stay Consistent

On Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign: Plan Ahead and Stay Consistent

There are activities to do when aiming to formally start and maintain your company’s online visibility. It is not a one-time work that we begin and drop—create a website now and never update it; post on Facebook today and then months after (or never); opened an Instagram account and share a single blurry photo. Remember to keep the effort consistent with a strong foundation on a well-thought digital marketing strategy. Your brand’s tone has to echo across all your initiatives and needs to be integrated to push oneness.

I’ve seen a lot of people who get frustrated easily, saying they made a post now or their website went live last month and then nothing happens… but bottomline is, what are your campaign objectives? Why are you using these platforms? What is your timeline? How will you measure success? Plan your steps ahead and plan it properly. Have a clear picture in mind of what your product is all about and establish a crystal-clear view of your customers. Define a real and human way on how to converse with the people you have identified as you bring your service closer to them.

Stay consistent on your digital campaign

Task priorities and approach may vary depending on your industry but here’s an overview of internet marketing activities to implement on a regular basis:

  • Build a website that is SEO-driven and write a blog post. Monitor your site visitors’ behavior using Google Analytics and Search Console.
  • Write a weekly content plan, produce quality images, set the post, schedule a boost, and tweak your messaging according to Insights.
  • Gather and clean your database, occasionally blast a relevant email, and always check the result of your campaign.

These are not the only approach to consider, there are many more strategies to explore but listed here are the initial to-do’s.  Be open to learning. Ask help, seek guidance if you must, and stay rooted on your goals.