Digital Marketing and Strategy Innovation Summit 2018

Digital Marketing and Strategy Innovation Summit 2018

The  Summit was held last April 18 to 19, 2018 in Mira Hong Kong that brought together a wealth of experience from a variety of digital, marketing and strategy leaders (speakers and attendees) providing an in-depth and truthful look at the different industries they represent across Asia.

Vernadette Austria attending the digital marketing strategy innovation summit

Credits to Hubby for taking the first-day photo

As organizations and the global marketplace grow, the role of the digital movers has become more important for ensuring successful planning, executing, and monitoring.

This year’s themes include:

  • Multi-Platform Marketing: Mobile and Wearables
  • Converting Social Media Into Sales
  • Audience Engagement and Brand Loyalty
  • The Changing Mediums of Marketing: Video, Image, Native Advertising
  • Using Data & Analytics to Develop Marketing Strategy

The event provided a refreshing view of online marketing with some related takeaways:

  1. There are so many information to absorb and endless data to consume around us. It can even be overwhelming to identify which is beneficial to our brand. Most of the speakers emphasize the need for data but simplify it to better serve the market, give them a brand experience they will not forget. I always push to clients the idea of “building a relationship” and “learning who is the market”—translating on-hand data is a huge help to really know them and get a clear signal as to whom are we talking.
  2. Use data to understand the customers and to better give them value. Pin down what they really want and set your campaign goal very clearly from here.
  3.  Implementing a digital transformation requires a vast look and pro-active participation of each member of the organization. The transition might not come easy but very possible with the positive participation of all stakeholders. Mi Ling, one of the speakers and Head of Global Marketing at South China Morning Post,  highlighted to eye on the overall transformation: Identity, Organization, DIGITAL, Market. She has the first-hand experience evolving the used-to-be traditional to the now digital-driven newspaper.
  4. As I would normally include in the online marketing plan of clients, integrate all the marketing initiatives and marry the strategy into a one-whole message, resonating to all relevant platforms.
  5. Build content with consumers in mind; develop new processes to listen and answer them. Content must be genuine, authentic and consistent.

It was a productive conference with so much learning to bring home. It strengthened the digital marketing concepts I’ve been applying at work and introduced a new effective strategy to execute.