Digital Marketing and Your Business

Digital Marketing and Your Business

What validates the real success of a digital marketing campaign? Your online marketing consultant gave you an update that your top keywords are now on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) position #1 and #2 and that your Facebook advertisement got 25 messages for a small budget of Php500. This is good news and your Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is achieved!

Yes, that phase of work is well done but that’s not the end of the task; you need to align these milestones to your business goals.

digital marketing and your business

Being number #1 on SERP means a lot for your SEO team! Months of optimizing your website and sifting through the net for quality backlinks have paid off!  Google and other search engines crawled your page and found it relevant to be ranked as #1 among other hundred sites vying for the same keywords. This will result to more organic visits and you can see the data as it happen in real-time for free through Google Analytics. More people will go to you—check your contents, read your company information, and take action (call, request a demo, subscribe to your newsletter, and/or send a message). You should have some promising leads!

What if you have more visits but got higher bounce rate (it is the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave without going to other pages)? Your Digital Marketing team can say we are #1 on SERP but what you must ask next is, how does it improve our business?

If you are #1 on SERP with keywords not being used by your target audience and if you are getting a lot of visits but no one is doing your desired action then you are not maximizing the effort.

Same goes to your Facebook campaign. Receiving an increase number of “quality” messages must be your advertising goal. What is 25 inquiries if you did not convert or if they are only spammy? You should drive more leads then translate it to higher sales and not more inquiry about job openings (unless that is your boost objective).

Online marketing and sales department must work hand-in-hand to reach the business goals. It is like a choreographed dance and every step must be synced with each other.

How do you plan to execute your online marketing campaign? What signals its effectivity in relation to your company’s target? Let’s talk.