Digital Marketing + Other Company Departments, How are They Connected?

Digital Marketing + Other Company Departments, How are They Connected?

Digital Marketing + Other Company Departments, How are They Connected?Digital Marketing has to work hand-in-hand with other departments of the company. It cannot achieve full success without a good partnership with other Teams. Working together is vital to make sure that all efforts are being maximized. How is one connected to the other?

Accounting – The quick approval of payment and invoice processing is important. Some campaigns are delayed because it takes a while to identify what credit card to use or procrastinate to set-up the advertising account. Some consumed longer time to settle the Facebook boost or Google PPC billing. Sadly, there are even those who do not respect invoice dues and delay the payment to digital marketing consultants, website developers, and even to influencers thus bruising a good business  relationship.

Sales – When a Facebook send message boost or a website PPC campaign manage to convert into actual inquiries, the sales team has to mobilize and make sure that each valid correspondence by a possible client is properly addressed. The sales people must also be willing to adjust its monitoring practice following the online marketing metrics—identify sales across channels (website via google analytics, social via FB insights, influencers via utm tracking, among others). For a moment, this task may appear daunting because of the perceived additional work and technicalities but the long-term result will validate the entire effort.

You can get 30 inquiries for a Php5,000 to Php10,000 worth of Facebook ads but if sales department refuse to monitor the quality of leads and the conversion value then we cannot completely say that the goal is reached.

Customer Service Relations – We all know that sales is not the end of our relationship with customers. Upsell, repurchase, and getting their referrals are vital and we can only achieve these if they are happy. Let’s deliver what we promised and perhaps even exceed the expectations. Naturally connect with the clients and don’t abandon them after sales. Word-of-mouth still works then push it with digital marketing efforts to make the impact exponential.

Feedbacks from customers whether good or bad must be valued and addressed. Complaints must be fixed in an amiable manner. Frequent questions can be converted to some forms of content. If several customers are asking for a specific question, like where to purchase the product, social media messaging can include posts related to it by providing contents about  store details and buying process.

Other Types of Marketing – marketing is a vast scope and digital is just category under it.  Contents on mainstream (TVC, radio, print), out-of-home (like billboards and wobblers) and below-the-line (such as events and live shows) must be integrated into a single voice and tone. This way we maintain one brand feel whether the touchpoints came from a TV commercial, YouTube ad, or from an underpass banner. It is important that we don’t alienate the buyers about our brand wherever they see us.

Digital Marketing is best in coordination with other departments; each one must be willing to raise their hand and do their part to connect, help and be of purpose.