What’s Your Digital Marketing Strategy when Going Local?

What’s Your Digital Marketing Strategy when Going Local?

When you have a local business and your goal is to amplify your product or service to the community, there are pin-point approach to implement your digital marketing initiative. This does not require a strong technical expertise and proper attitude plays a huge role. You have to be patient, consistent, resilient, and always eager to learn. Effective results in online marketing is not an over night gig. It is always right to have the urge to begin a campaign—create, test, run, evaluate with your team then tweak as needed based on existing data. And again.

go local with your digital marketing strategy

You must start today even if  you encounter tasks that appear mundane (and at time really slow and repetitive if internet connection is bad). These are the to-do’s for those marketing for local.

  • Own Google My Business – Claim and verify your profile. This is one of the first touch points with your customers. When they search for your company name or related keywords in Google, it is important to provide them with the right information and drive their interest to engage with you—go to your website, make a call, or find you in the map.
  • Join Facebook/LinkedIn Groups – Find a buoyant community industry groups and be an active member. Provide value by sharing quality posts or giving well-thought answers to valid questions; this effort can put your expertise forward.
  • Create Directory Listing Profile – Find quality listing websites and create an account. You don’t have to update the page as often like the efforts we do with social media but you need to be properly presented. Include a catchy profile, add your website and contact details, and back it up with nice photos (good to have CTA and not always from free images). Give it a month or two and you will see traffic data coming from these listings from Google Analytics and Search Console.
  • Boost on Facebook – Depending on your budget and audience, run a targeted advertisement and support it with specific modifiers related to your brand (What’s their age bracket? Interest?  Job? Location? Or you can modify to a particular village or simply check “people in your local area” and FB ads will serve it for you). Note that running a paid promotion is not just limited on Facebook but it is one of the most affordable means to advertise versus other platforms.
  • Connect with Niche Influencers and Industry Experts – Send them your product and request them to review it. Conduct an interview. Sponsor a post or a blog. You will be surprised to meet many who will not charge a big amount  as long as they are happy with the product.
  • Capture Local News Blogs and Active Forums – You don’t have to be everywhere but just in those sites that makes sense to your business. Find a virtual place where your audience are present—commenting or even asking questions. Some villages have their own websites that you can tap.

Other than reaching out to your local target audience, this strategy can equally benefit your SEO campaign. Just send me a message if you have questions on how to carry out any of the given activity.