Digital Marketing To-Dos during Community Quarantine

Digital Marketing To-Dos during Community Quarantine

Your digital marketing work must not stop during the home quarantine caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In some cities in the Philippines, the quarantine may have been lifted but the virus is still there… definitely  not 100% safe to leave home and deliver work as we used to. Internet makes reaching out to our customers possible (last month I wrote about “Facebook Messenger: Easy Tool to Set-Up for Your CSR Initiative during Community Quarantine”).

It is important to tell your clients despite the coronavirus chaos that I AM still HERE and READY to SERVE. It may be a struggle, delay, or even a temporary cease of operation but you care for them and you will be back in full gear. Adjust your strategy to survive then thrive. Take your business online today!

Website – Update your website in accordance to how you are functioning at this time. Add details to your homepage banner and body text so it is easier for site visitors to know your current status. Create a special page for COVID-19 updates, an example is China Airlines Novel Coronavirus Service Information page that consolidates all concerns of their passengers from flight cancellations, rebookings, refunds, among others.

You may also consider writing blogs/articles related to the pandemic; give tips, step-by-step guide, survival kit focused on your industry and for the benefit of your readers.

Email – Send a blast to your database giving them an assurance that you are one with them during this difficult time. It does not need to be like a long narrative but just quick-to-digest genuine type of message. It has to show empathy rather than joining the “we’re in this together” bandwagon.

Social Media – Your content plan may include messaging variations primarily highlighting your presence; what you are doing to cope and your continuous effort to provide a service. Reminders on how to stay safe, inspiring updates, relevant news, memes, and a little humor would be engaging too. Video is always a good medium to convey a heart-warming message, here’s an example from Atlantis that started from a short yet moving email that leads  to their YouTube channel.

Google My Business – Update GMB with your COVID-19 schedule so when your business shows up on the Knowledge Panel, you get to direct visitors to the right information. Consider posting here the way you do on Facebook and/or Twitter (for a start, you can sync your posts).

Working on each one requires a fair amount of time to do both the creative approach and technical implementation…no reason at all to feel bored while living our days in lockdown.

For questions on how to merge these recommendations into your business structure, just send me a message.

Digital Marketing To-Dos during Community Quarantine