Facebook Features to Increase Your Fanpage Engagement

Facebook Features to Increase Your Fanpage Engagement

Facebook Features on Online Marketing Switch BlogFor companies to maximize the reach on  Facebook, they have to pay for it. Organic reach is decreasing, engagement can be dishearteningly zero, and we also need to consider that FB is a business. It is true that your page will not be seen by your fans or target market unless you buy that impression. What’s good is that running an advertisement may not come very expensive (if done correctly) compare to other online marketing platforms and you can see the results of your digital campaign running in the Philippines at Php10,000 or less worth of boosting.

Just a quick review of the terms mentioned:

  • Reach – number of unique people who see your content.
  • Organic Reach – number of people who see your content without paid distribution.
  • Engagement – people perform actions (like, click, share, comment) on your post/page.
  • Impression – number of times a post from your page is displayed whether it is clicked or not.
  • Boost – Facebook term which means paid promotion.

But not all your efforts have to be boosted and there are organic strategies that you can still use to keep your engagement on fire!
Facebook Features on Online Marketing Switch Blog

  1. Include the “Get Message” button on some of your posts – people can immediately get in touch with you via this call-to-action box.
  2. Do check-ins – On occasion, let your fans know where you are and encourage them to visit you there.
  3. Update “Our Story” – “Our Story” is seen on the right side panel of your page, upload a good image and reiterate what your brand stands for.
  4. While on Messenger, share relevant photo or video to your “Add to your story”.
  5. Activate Auto-reply – You cannot be online 24hours but FB has a feature that can immediately reply to messages, use it.
  6. Go live – Share real-time highlights of your event. It is okay to use a phone camera but keep a good quality of the video.
  7. Validate the page – Eye for that checkmark! Validating a page can strengthen your credibility and helps you rank higher on search.
  8. Use Insights – An analysis of your page performance is important to help enhance what you are currently doing. Tweak as needed and make changes.

Spend some time to learn the free features of Facebook and draft a strategy on how you can maximize each one to engage more. Plan ahead with these recommendations! Challenge yourself to remain consistent throughout your campaign. The algorithm is also always updating so stay on the loop and be on a constant lookout for what’s new!  Just send a message to share your thoughts!