Facebook Page: Starting from Zero Fans

Facebook Page: Starting from Zero Fans

Does Facebook Fan Page really work? And after gaining that elusive “like”, can it convert to sales? It is possible.

Can it make netizens do what your page requires them to do? Yes.

But the reality is simple, don’t expect legions of fans to flock all at once, and move them to action. Starting from zero is a challenge; how can you increase the followers to even a 100? I’m sure none of us wants to have an introvert page having only our family and selected friends on the list.

  • Establish your credibility and strengthen engagement. Be patient, this takes time.
  • Content. You might have heard it several times, Content is King. But let me put it this way—original, relevant, conversational, human content is the King and not just any other content you get to pick or copy from somewhere.
  • Pictures. Images should be worth sharing or should be filled of “humaness” (pardon the lack of word). Photos of delighted employees on an out-of-town-trip; fancy view from the places you’ve visited; snapshot taken with a famous client (and yes, get his consent before posting).
  • Tag and Mention. Make sure the people involved on the posts or the pictures are properly tagged or @mentioned; this creates more visibility and is part of the newsfeed of your friends’ friends.
  • Push your staff and friends to like and engage. For a crowd of 20 fans, bet most of them are your friends so it’s okay to request them to like, comment, and invite as many as they can.
  • Create a gimmick that will drive Likes. (Yet many of this sort of campaign is no longer working so think of creative ways to sell your page and make it beneficial to your followers.)
  • Here’s a one-time trick. Too quiet? Create one more FB account and like/comment as if it is someone else. If you can create an interesting posts that can draw attention, in the long run you will not need to role-play anymore. The honest intention of this effort is to imply activity; it’s not a sin.
  • Like Exchange. I suggest you do this using your other FB account; you can earn about 10 Likes in 30 invites but 20 of it might be a spam page or might leave obscene messages so better not use your personal profile.
  • Got a budget? $10 to $20 can help u win 50 to 150 original likes. Now you are passed with the 100 mark!
  • Learn to appreciate the FB insights. It will tell if you are mustering the right market; what type of post that interests them the most; overview of what time your fans are more active and eager to engage.
  • Experiment. See what works and what does not.
  • Enjoy posting and engaging. Your fans can feel the mood of your page so radiate a positive aura.

Bet you are ready to start!

(Image courtesy of  ponsuwan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)