Where is Facebook Page Verification Feature?

Where is Facebook Page Verification Feature?

Here are some new updates for Facebook page admins and Instagram business users!

Goodbye Verified Pages

For the past months, I’ve been searching for the verification feature  as I need to validate a new page. At first, I did not worry much because it usually takes a while for this to show up for new pages. After a few months, still nothing. Then I decided to check my other verified pages and to my surprise, no more “verify this page” features on the side bar. Argh.

If you recall, a page that is verified has a check mark (gray or blue depending on your business):

No More Facebook Gray Badge

It was a mandatory activity for my Team to verify a client’s page to emphasize the company’s authenticity and to help improve visibility. Verified pages also give a “trust” edge to fans and followers. It has been a practice since 2015 and pretty much useful.

And then just last week, Facebook answered my question directly prompting from one of the pages I managed.

FB announcement Gray Badge Removal

Now let’s see what’s the next protocol in validating legitimacy and page trust-worthiness. Google My Business has not changed the process yet so good to take advantage of it,  for now.

Hello there, Creator Studio

Some good news for people managing a lot of FB and IG accounts… there is now a Creator Studio.

Been exploring it lately but still glitchy but let’s give it a beta treatment for now and I’m sure it will improve later on. Good news is, all the accounts you are managing can be seen in one dashboard!

Managing Instagram account is very much dependent on using a smart phone (unless you plugin Hootsuite that has occasional system bugs) but now with Creator Studio, you can upload or grab a photo from your posts on Facebook, type some captions, and share!

Your next step is to immediately sync your accounts and take time to dig into its capabilities.

Hop into the hobby of  learning every new relevant update and don’t feel intimated with what seems like an overwhelming flow of information… start with what you are currently using and identify what is applicable to your marketing strategy.

Facebook Updates for October 2019