Free Online Marketing Tools: URL Shortener and Share Link Generator

Free Online Marketing Tools: URL Shortener and Share Link Generator

There are several online marketing tools that we can maximize without spending a penny and with no upgrades teaser. They are what we need them to be, just plain useful.

What to do with long URLs?

Using long Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) is not very ideal. Accidentally removing a single element can break the entire link, making it useless. It can also eat up the 140 characters of Twitter, giving you no enough room for copy and only tweet with pure links.

Take advantage of


This tool shortens nearly half a billion links per month.

I also love the features of customizing the URL and getting traffic data as “Clicks on this bitlink”, “Where this bitlink was shared” supplemented by dates.

How to share contents with social media?

Consider yourself lucky if you are managing Hubspot or WordPress (among the many others) but not all Content Management System (CMS) is sophisticated or easy to implement. Simple feature as social media share button may not be available or even tedious to create but ground rule in content marketing is that it should be shareable.

Spread your page on the net with Share Link Generator.

Share your contents with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and via Email by simply copy/pasting your own link to Sharelink’s social media preference.

Here are the 6 simple steps if you need to manually post a “Share This” button on your website or other web pages:

1.    Create a design or Google the social media share button image that you like to use. Save it to your computer.

Insert the images into your web page (or blog) in proper layout and size

3.     Open a account and copy the original long URL from your website
4.     Paste it to and customize the name (tip: somewhat related to your current content)

5.     Copy the link from and paste it from the list of social sites provided via ShareLinkGenerator

Note: We have to put the link first to before ShareLink so we can get the analytics

6.     Copy the URL generated by Sharelink and paste it one by one to the respective social media buttons


If you have questions or other digital-related issues you need to clarify, feel free to send me an email.

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