Get a Realistic View of Your Digital Campaign

Get a Realistic View of Your Digital Campaign

Realistic view of online marketingIf you are running an internet marketing campaign and is not getting the result you want after a month, that’s fine. Things do not just always happen at once in digital. You have to invest a lot of time, seed tons of work, and continue working.  As online consultant, it is our job to explain to clients the real expectations—what can and cannot be done in a realistic point of view while not giving false hopes.


It’s not about limiting what the campaign can do but rather emphasizing what are the achievable goals given the time frame and budget. Here are some things to consider:

  • No  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company can guarantee that your website can rank #1 on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) after at least eight weeks of doing the task. Google crawl signals are changing everyday; what matters now may change tomorrow so SEO experts are always on guard to tweak their codes and adjust their current strategy in place.
  • You cannot get a drastic organic likes on Facebook now unless you boost (run an advertisement). Its algorithm has changed so much over the past years and it now requires page owners (from local start-up to global corporations) to shed out money to be noticed by their target market.
  • You are not required to put your business in all the social media platforms; pick at least three to four profiles that you can manage consistently depending on your geography and industry. In recruitment for example, you may use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn while consider to be in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter if you are on a retail market. Make sure to converse properly using your online assets.
  • All your digital presence has to be integrated. A website cannot maximize its reach without linking to your social media and vice versa. Your on-ground marketing materials (print ads, flyers, brochures, wobblers, etc.) have to indicate your web and social URL, too.

Digital marketing has to be integrated.

There is no single technique to assure success but you can certainly achieve it given the right mindset, enthusiastic behaviour, and eagerness to adapt to change.

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