Get that ONE Strategy on LinkedIn

Get that ONE Strategy on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the leading social media platform for professionals and consultants across various industries; it is an ideal digital marketing conversation tool for any type of business-to-business (B2B) online engagement. Statistics says that there are 590 million users worldwide and a total of 260 million monthly active users (as of December 2018). Other interesting data:

  • 2 new LinkedIn members per second
  • 61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions
  • 40 million students and recent college graduates
  • There are 56% of male users and 44% female users
  • 13% of Millennials (15-34 Years old) use Linkedin
  • After US, India, Brazil, Great Britain and Canada have the highest number of LinkedIn users

Yet many are still quite hesitant to join because of some LinkedIn misconceptions:

  • Misconception #1– No regular users. People only use the platform to connect with people they know or to occasionally update their resumes.
  • Misconception #2 – LinkedIn is too small.  You’re better off fishing in big ponds like Facebook and Instagram if you want to generate meaningful connections and leads for your business.
  • Misconception #3– You can only connect with people you personally know, so it isn’t valuable for generating new leads.

But none of these things could be closer from the truth.

I’ve seen companies generate leads even organically if done well and in human, honest way. Apply this ONE concept to your strategy.


LinkedIn search algorithm is not so different from Google so better apply an SEO-driven approach. Optimize your profile by completing the information asked and use catch headlines, fill it with the right long-tail keywords (write the exact position you wish to be found), and keep posting contents that make sense. Don’t forget to use vanity URL!

To optimize your company website and blog post, write an article by sharing your interpretations or tips on a given industry-related issue or a blog already written  then refer back to your own site with CTA like “Learn More” or “Get the Full Survey Result”.


Tell your Story. Share highlights, events, achievements. Inspire. Know who you are talking with and what topics will drive them to you. Occasionally create infographics, webinars, podcast, videos, surveys, white papers, tutorials, SlideShare presentations, and materials of importance. Be the authority.

Share how you outsmart the challenges. People like to see how we are rising above the many struggles at work. Good to have this idea in mind: establish real and honest professional relationships.


Like every other social media platform, engagement is the point of existence. Post at least three times a week, invite friends and colleagues to connect, manually search people who has the potential to become partners or clients. Join industry groups and be an active member by commenting and sharing expert insights.

Mention people who might be interested to your post and send private messages regarding opportunities or offers that might be of essence to them but don’t drop the conversations after a quick sales pitch. Stay in touch and be generous to offer your expertise if needed.

You don’t generate conversions over night but if all these efforts are maintained consistently, you will certainly benefit a grand reward as a LinkedIn member.