Thank You 2019 and Hello 2020!

Thank You 2019 and Hello 2020!

What We’ve Witnessed

2019 is almost over, it has been an incredible year for us! Tons of learning from the good and not so good part of digital marketing life. New functionalities and dashboards being introduced (how I miss the old Google Search Console) and algorithms forever changing.  Many names are shifting from as simple as Google Adwords to Google Ads. I have written some platforms and tools years ago that are no longer around or not as efficient as it used to.

Goals have been completed in collaboration with  clients and more are set to be worked on and achieved. Promising times ahead, yes.

What is to Happen

We are now moving to voice search as this will be more active in terms of usage this 2020 and videos (especially the live feeds) will continue to soar engagement. Our target market will be more comfortable sharing their thoughts on social media whether they are happy with the brand or awfully dismayed by the service they get. More of the company budget will be allotted in producing online contents and acquiring digital placements than the tri-media counterparts. For sure, exciting online marketing activities are on the way!

What Stays the Same

Building authentic relationship with our audience is still the most important approach and giving them real value must remain as the top digital marketing priority. Content is still King BUT it cannot reach domination if we don’t disseminate to the right territory.

Now is the perfect time to embrace digital marketing! Learning it is definitely going to be worth your time and applying the strategy is the best move for your business this coming new year. Looking forward to dive deep with the information up ahead and continue to share the knowledge with clients, partners, and readers.

Way to go 2019 and let’s do this 2020! God bless us all!

Merry CHRISTmas from!