online-marketing-consultant-philippines-website-managementIf there is no budget for a website development or if the idea appears too technical for many, Facebook is always the best resort to achieve online visibility. Open a fan page account and voila, there goes your product or service visible to the world!

  • Invite friends to become fans and maintain engaging posts every day and you are up and running! At a random, you can even close a deal via FB chat!

Reality check! Facebook is clogged and you get quite a few chances to be noticed by your fans, even fewer opportunity by your target market. You can hit luck alright but if Facebook is your only stage in this virtual world, you might want to think again.

  • Explore other social media platforms, connect, and be ready to invest your time there. Find your niche and take care of it. If you are selling any type of accessories, you may want to check Instagram. If you provide a professional service, go to LinkedIn.
  • Submit your business details to free but relevant directory listings based on your industry and geographic location. In the Philippines, you can start with Business List and/or 88db.
  • Write! Write! Write!

Maximize the use of a free blog site! Allot an hour or two learning how to go around Blogger or WordPress then create your own page! It is easy! For the time being, it can also serve as your website without a cost.

Once you are comfortably in, maintain a profile and contact pages then make sure to post original articles and images related to your service or better, tweak it a bit! Your readers would not want to see recycled topics deliberately pointing to what you’re selling at all time. Play around good contents, be consistent in writing, and share it freely!

“Small businesses are getting online in large numbers, and having a digital presence is really important because you’re invisible now in the modern world if you don’t have it,” Narciso Reyes, Country Head of Google Philippines.

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