Joining the Japan IT Week – Spring 2019

Joining the Japan IT Week – Spring 2019

Japan IT Week is a B2B exhibition where the latest Information Technology products and solutions’ companies gather in one place. It is held three times a year and I am delighted to be a part of the Spring Expo and Conference conducted last May 8 to 10, 2019 at Tokyo Big Sight. Many professionals/consultants in charge of digital marketing, system development, and other experts visit the show to implement new strategies and engage with optimal business partners.

The Web and Digital Marketing Expo alone has 70+ active booths related to online tools and platforms. I also dropped by at the Software and Apps Development Expo and Direct Commerce Solutions Expo with almost the same number of exhibitors, respectively. Yet unable to see the entire halls considering the scale of the venue and the many crowd. The other expo list includes:

  • Information Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Store and Retail IT Solutions
  • Big Data Management
  • Mobile Solutions Expo
  • AI and Business Automation
  • Data Storage
  • Data Center

It is a massive event with hundreds of attendees and a good opportunity to find possible collaboration; the only struggle was that most of them are not keen to speak English. Either way, I just focus on my core and made the entire stay productive.

Vernadette Austria on Japan IT Week Spring 2019

Thankful for getting a chance to participate in the conference segment of the event with speakers from head of prominent companies like Adobe Systems, Dentsu Digital, Line, Dena, and Slack Technologies. Language barrier was not a problem as attendees were equipped with translation gadgets.

The talk gave emphasis on digital transformation and the future of work. Here is a dozen bits of take-aways:

  1. Digital transformation must involve every member of the organization; this may require restructuring across all departments.
  2. It requires a long process taking months even years to fully implement.
  3. Reimagine the entire customer journey to a channel of their choice.
  4. Learn to treat each customer as your “only customer”.
  5. Real and personal approach is a must.
  6. Conclusions and next steps must not happen on random decisions but must be data driven.
  7. Put the customers at the center of business strategy.
  8. Prepare to provide assistance on every touchpoint with customers.
  9. Invest not just on one-time transactions but on a life-time relationship.
  10. Empower the employees and mold them to become your company’s brand ambassadors.
  11. Encourage staff to strive for mastery and be agile to the constantly changing world of work.
  12. Devote time to improve the work place culture and inspire everyone to become part of a good transformation towards digital.

The eternal change in online marketing has always inspire me to keep on learning and encourage my clients to fully embrace what digital can offer. Result may not happen in a snap but all these efforts will certainly bear fruit along with a full participation and support of every member of the organization.