Dealing with the Good, the Bad, and Our Values at Work

Dealing with the Good, the Bad, and Our Values at Work

Working as a freelance online marketing consultant for years now gave me the opportunity to meet and work with wonderful people from various industries in the Philippines and overseas. Each business has a great love story as company leaders and owners talk about their craft with so much passion and enthusiasm. Truly fascinating to learn the behind-the-scene and intricate process of different fields; it’s like entering into an exciting unique world every time I go onboard with new clients. Such an inspiration to witness how much devotion is being poured to deliver quality products and outstanding services; a great experience diving into the jargon while being a solid part of the “Team”—in all its pure essence while integrating digital within the core business strategy.

But along the way, we can’t avoid meeting people who are less inspiring. Being with them gives a real tendency to flush our positive outlook, as these:

less inspiring people at work

  • Always late for meetings with an obviously fabricated reason. Blame it on the eternal heavy traffic, sleeping late, overtime, and even slow building elevator.
  • Demands a meeting out of the blue like it is always urgent and showing no respect to your schedule.
  • Asking so many things to accomplish ASAP (plan, timeline, budget, etc.) and once submitted, they are not giving an update on the status. Worse, they never give an update at all despite persistent follow-ups. Other people have allotted time and energy for that requested work, they deserve to get a feedback too—positive or negative it may be.
  • Those who look so eager to do his assigned tasks, even constantly nodding a “yes” with all heart during the meeting but after a week, not a single work was done; undelivered deliverables reaching months.
  • Aiming for so many deadlines but not providing their part to achieve it. Where is the approve content? The final image to use? The budget to run the boost?
  • Decks have been prepared for weeks with proper statistic and layout only to present to an inattentive and/or smart-phone-engrossed attendees. All the effort seems to drift because of such show of disinterest.
  • Questions all your recommendations like you are on thesis defense but not giving relevant insight to improve the plan.
  • Listening to your suggestion is an option but you have the sole responsibility if things did not work out.
  • Owning your idea once it becomes a guaranteed success without giving proper credits.

What to do when such behavior bump our way?  Quick action: let us deliberately try not to be like them.

Avoid working with such people? Yes, if there is a luxury to do so. No sense of sticking with negative vibes, really.

But if it there is no choice and it is a must to work with such group… then don’t allow your fire to extinguish because they blew it for you.

It won’t hurt to do the basic courtesy, right? Start to where we are now and show kindness to people we deal with everyday. Raise our own solid values so no one can sway it and we can aim to defy bad forms of behavior by playing it good.

Enjoy the new work week!

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