Keep the Positive Mindset while Learning Digital Marketing

Keep the Positive Mindset while Learning Digital Marketing

online-marketing-consultant-philippines-mindset-blog-id-100138440_1There is no shortcut to learning digital marketing. Yes, you may have attended series of conferences and webinars in the Philippines and abroad, it is a good initiative but not the sole effort needed to understand by heart the ins-and-outs of online marketing. Actual application is still the best way to learn. But without getting constant updates, on-hand knowledge might go obsolete. So there must be an equal balance of learning the trend and applying what was learned.

As a Consultant and when training clients, I noticed that a lot of them are easily intimidated by the jargons and the processes. Seeing reports from Google Analytics and knowing that Facebook has Insights showing graphs and percentages are terrifying to some. But I always reiterate to only absorb what you need at the moment and take small chunks at a time. Ask questions, enjoy, and be authentically interested.

Sometimes the journey can start and continue by simply having a positive mindset.


  • Stay Inspired – It takes time to organically rank on Google or to build a solid engagement on Facebook so keeping the momentum and being keen on the goal regardless of the many pitfalls along the way is an important step. Just keep burning and don’t allow negative people or unexpected scenarios to blow your fire.
  • Be patient – Change of algorithm and system functions are eternally happening. There are always so many things to understand and a lot may not come easy. But remember, there is no peak knowledge in this industry but a daily, continuous learning mix with patience.
  • Listen More – when meeting clients or bosses, make sure to listen attentively and get their objective so you can plan the strategy according to their goals and expectations. Don’t brag about what you know but rather show what you can by delivering real results.
  • Humility matters – There is always something new (new platforms, new trends, new studies)  so never assume that you know it all already. Every task is an opportunity to gain knowledge and there will always be a room for learning.
  • Continue Reading  – subscribe to industry trusted sites like Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, or the blogs of Semrush and Moz. I particularly look forward to the funny yet very informative videos of Rand Fishkin of the latter. It can be overwhelming to digest all the information but just pick what interest you at the moment; something you might be working on so it is easier to apply.

Once you get the momentum, diving into digital becomes the best strategy you may have undertaken  for your business. “

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