Looking for Work? Why not Start Online!

online-marketing-consultant-philippines-blog-job-searchLooking for online job postings can be overwhelming. There are so many vacancies to browse on the web. Only, it is not the job you are searching. Either majority are call center agents or marketing associate positions. To filter the wave of information dashing through your monitor, it is ideal that you have a solid understanding of what you really want to apply for.


It is futile to send resumes, just for the sake of it, and apply for a job you don’t see yourself doing 100%.

  • Walk-in applicants are already obsolete; still done by some but no longer a trend in job hunting. Going from corporate building’s floor to floor is not as valid compared to 15 years ago but the time required to find that right job is still as demanding and immense.
  • Take a reasonable time to review each item listed on the job description. This usually appears in bullets so go through every line. Evaluate your career background objectively. Ask yourself if this is your strength, or would you want to even explore the indicated tasks.
  • As early as the first step of your search, you may already want to consider the location, and the hours required at work (can you do night shift?). It is okay to omit vacancies not feasible from your end than apply for something you will not consider moving forward. It saves you and the HR managers’ much effort.

Check the website of the employer and find out if what they declare fits you. Do you like the content of the “about us”, “our clients”, “mission” pages? Is it aligned to your belief? Checking their online presence is one of the best ways to learn the heart of the company that you are hoping to work for.

There are also web forums and groups that you can join to feel the pulse of what it is like to work inside, get a glimpse of the thoughts of the employees and those who have dealt with the company—real or rant.

Consolidate the details you have gathered and re-evaluate the position you are bound to click. Now you are ready to e-apply!

(Image courtesy of  suphakit73 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)