Make a Successful Digital Conversation

Make a Successful Digital Conversation

Make online conversations.Online visibility for companies, big or small, has become a must nowadays. A user-friendly and google-ranking website alongside an active social media profiles are strategies to work on.

What digital marketing initiative should be implemented? Website creation, search engine optimization (SEO), email campaign, and social media management are part of what must be accomplished. Assuming all these have been done and the campaign is sustained, good job!

Your website is on top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) using your preferred keywords thus earning your most preferred site traffic. You are gaining high engagement (likes, comments, shares, views) with your Facebook posts. Your tweets are being retweeted using your owned hashtag(s). One way or the other, you should be getting inquiries and leads at this point.

But sometimes this is the stage where conversion fails to take place. Someone left a private message (PM) on FB, did you reply back? You received a direct message (DM) on twitter but the content drowns from the all the other automated messages. There was a comment on your blog post requesting that you further elaborate the product but you miss to do so. A possible client sent an email but it was trapped on your spam folder.

As a business owner, you should be particularly hands-on at this level of the campaign or at least train someone to monitor on your behalf. Make sure your company is agile and ready at all time!

Take time to manage your digital campaigns.

A delayed reply, a wrong tone, an unanswered question or a follow-up-less conversation may hinder actual sales. Be human and real, as follows:

  • Establish a friendly voice (and be less automated)
  • Go straight to the point (and stop going around the bush)
  • Check back (and don’t disappear in the communication process)
  • Try not to sound generic (say the name and personalize the answers)
  • Make sure the other end is understanding your explanation (and stop assuming that they simply do)
  • Give all the information being asked (but not the template-novel type or short as sending hyperlinks only)
  • Initiate to communicate beyond the digital sphere (if your business calls for it, schedule a face-to-face meeting or invite to visit your physical store)

Try not to waste your time setting up your digital effort only to miss the opportunity of addressing questions from the possible new batch of customers/clients. All aspects of your marketing campaign must be integrated to represent your brand with a strong, lingering identity.

Stay consistent and enjoy reaching out to your market!

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