Market Your Product Online in 6 Easy Steps

Market Your Product Online in 6 Easy Steps

Online selling in the Philippines has been thriving particularly during this time of pandemic and many new entrepreneurs have been actively putting forth their product—mostly homemade and has never been in the market.

Market Your Product Online in Six Easy Steps | Online Marketing Switch Blog

For the sellers, no need to turn blind eye diving to digital and there are more ways to amplify your product in front of the audience with these easy steps:

Start with your own connections

Jumpstart your marketing initiative with family and friends plus your own Facebook connections. Word of mouth and organic (not paid) honest review can help create initial buzz for your business. Not everyone will buy at once but other than thinking of the immediate “purchase”, we can also consider “brand awareness” at this stage; people will have you in mind the moment they wish to hit the buying button.

Create social media pages

Other than your personal profile, try creating a social media page to stretch your product reach. The common challenge in managing a fanpage is consistency. Some people post the first week but tend to forget the task later on, aim to commit to this task wholeheartedly and it will surely bear fruit. On occasion, you may also run a targeted send message, post engagement, and page like advertisements. FB and IG ads are affordable paid promotion to explore. Depends on creativity and targeting, you can get 10 to 30 inquiries for Php500.

Join local online groups and communities

There are tons of “online buyers and sellers” communities with the goal of helping each member attain a win-win scenario. Members who are inquiring from here have already passed your awareness campaign and have walked into the possibility of taking a purchase so make sure to politely answer all relevant messages thus leading them to actually buy.  My favorite community and that I have done all-successful transactions so far is BFHomesSarap.

Explore FB Marketplace

There are many sellers making use of this platform to reach the local market for free. Post catchy photos and descriptions so visitors can notice you.

Tap Online Influencers

If you have friends or colleagues who are influencers (including bloggers and vloggers), send them your sample product and request them to feature it on their page or give a review. They will not always ask for payment as many would gladly do the endorsement for free especially if they genuinely enjoy the item.

Get a Website

If there is a budget for a website then do so. It may not come as a priority for small entrepreneurs but this is beneficial if you see your business continuing in the long run. Website becomes an online portfolio and ideal tool to strengthen your online presence with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) within your campaign strategy.

Wherever you wish to place your business, make sure to build trust with your target market along with  an excellent product so you can stand out from the competition! For some technical questions, feel free to send an email.