Metrics That Matter to Your Online Marketing Campaign

Metrics That Matter to Your Online Marketing Campaign

How do you gauge if you a have successful website or social media page? You are consistently doing a daily post and updating your site regularly but how do you measure success? How will you know if your online marketing campaign is on the right track? Your Consultant or Digital Marketing Team is going to provide you with a juicy summary but don’t forget to dive into the important data.

Start with a goal and strategy in mind. What do you aim to achieve and how will you make it happen on a day-to-day basis? Lay down specific metrics that will define your efforts. Perhaps increase in the following areas:

  • Number of fans/followers
  • Number of impressions
  • Number of shares, reactions, and comments
  • Number of social media inquiries
  • Number of clicks sent to the website (c/o Google Analytics)

Facebook has a “focused with your objective” paid advertising capability and good to run it with proper targeting (age bracket, locations, interest, etc.) to align with your set goals (brand awareness, event attendance, foot traffic).

Facebook Boost Objectives

Take advantage of the “send message” feature when posting on Facebook, this has an opportunity to give you a lot of hits if properly implemented. If one of your goals is to get social media inquiries via messenger then boosting this post has a good possibility to deliver a result. Understand the insights it renders and improve from there.

While your website is another major gatetway to make a conversation and conversion. Creating one should also sync with your overall goals. Your website has to give you quality leads via your contact forms and sales page. Take a look here:

  • Monthly site visitors
  • Bounce rate – percentage of visitors who went away after viewing single page
  • Exit Rate – percentage of site exits that occurred after navigating with more than one page
  • Traffic source – find out where you get the traffic (Google, social media, referrals, direct, etc.)
  • Behavior – learn how visitors navigate through the site
  • Email inquiries

Online Marketing Switch Blog on Metrics

You can monitor all these items and even add more reports to study depending on your set criteria via Google Analytics. It is a free platform and generates site activities to help marketers improve their website.

One of your priorities should be  to set up the “Goals” feature. This automatically counts the activities of site visitors that are relevant to you: sign up, completed purchase, read a blog, or played a video.

Google Analytics Goals Set-Up

If you have questions on how to evaluate and improve your set metrics, message us on Facebook or send me an email. Let’s talk.