What to Consider Before Jumping into Online Selling

What to Consider Before Jumping into Online Selling

Many small Filipino entrepreneurs are making the most of the community quarantine to sell their products while staying home. It is an opportunity to earn while in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and digital marketing particularly social media plays a huge role to reach the audience quickly and affordably. Yet, the main core is still the quality of your product/service, how well are you going to market, and the kind of relationship you will build with your audience off and online.

What You Need to Consider Before Jumping to Online Selling


Start evaluating what you offer. Try it with family and friends… do they genuinely like it? What improvements do you need to tweak? For food business, do you need to make it saltier or add more sugar?

Review the running price. You don’t want to cost too high or too low. Compare your actual expenses and the mark-up you have in mind versus your competitors. Who are you competing with? What will drive people to buy from you and not from them? What’s your edge?

Identify your market. Who are the people buying your product? Why will they buy it? Can they afford what you are going to sell? Once you identify the target audience, next is to pin how to reach them.

Here’s where your Facebook and Instagram profiles will play a huge part to achieve sales. There must be activities on your page to keep people coming in… maintain enticing and relevant posts. For a start, invite friends to like and engage there; it is more likely they are also your first customers and that’s okay.

Allot a budget for boosting. Facebook offers many campaign goals and it would be good to explore each one if you have enough marketing funds. But if you are with a limited budget (Php10,000 below) and…

…with urgent need to sell, start with advertising to get inquiries (send message).

…need to create brand awareness, promote a post describing why your product is great (or how it can solve and ease life of users).

…aims to have a less introvert page, advertise to push on likes.

Facebook Marketplace is another good platform to be seen by possible buyers. Use nice product photos, make your description clear, and promptly answer the inquiries. Other local FB groups can drive some sales too… join the trusted ones.

On top of your efforts, make sure to maintain a good reputation by delivering what you have promised and initiating a wonderful buying experience. If done right, word of mouth remains an excellent marketing arm for you.

If you have questions on how to implement an effective strategy for your digital marketing campaigns, just send me an email today.