On Social Media and Initial Online Impression

On Social Media and Initial Online Impression

Portions of our lives are pretty much accessible to a stranger. Who we are and what we are doing is just a Google-click away. Type your name on the search box and discover how much information about you is broadcasted! Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and loads of other social media accounts you may have.

verna-austria-blog-and-social-mediaMaybe it is time to check the privacy settings and do some “untaggings”!

But we can never stop Google to show how it sees us online. After all, being found is not at all bad. Just filter what needs to be filtered—that barrage of drunken men, including the tipsy you, in the photo or the harsh status you posted in direct reference to a colleague.


It is by nature that we want to leave a good impression, especially for the first time meet-up, right? The same concept runs true with anyone searching for us on the web. We don’t want our long-lost-kindergarten-classmate view our consistently disgruntled pictures on Facebook. Or, an employer to read a poorly prepared LinkedIn profile. And wait, your tweets contain all whining non-sense!

Before you step in the office boardroom for an interview, it is most likely that the interviewer has already conducted his cyber research. Kudos to your blog, he probably knows the name of your pet and why it is the reason you are resigning from your current job. So even before you fuzz about the “technical jargons” of your work and “better opportunities”, the interviewer has already formulated his initial perception on you.

The best thing to do now is identify what slice of your life are you willing to share. By all means, make a positive impact to the world.