On the Way to Client Meeting, Ready?

On the Way to Client Meeting, Ready?

online-marketing-consultant-philippines-blog-client-meeting-preparednessMeeting starts in a few minutes…

You are off to clinch what could possibly be a company-sustaining account and what did you bring? None.

Are you prepared? Uhm…

Perhaps you have done a thorough research about the client’s organization and have memorized their “About Us” page. No?

You sit in the boardroom, the client got in and here goes the solid strategy to sell your service! Ha? Where?

What’s the catching intro? Ahm…

Someone from their end offered you a coffee, good they have something to offer. But what about you?

You equipped yourself with an ear that is ready to listen; active hand to chat down notes. And now it’s your turn to present. Ready?

Where’s the USB? Where’s the deck?Where’s the back-up file? Where’s the stat? Where’s your product?

Where’s your mind? You can’t be thinking of surfing in Baler while proposing targets to your clients!

Maximize the time they allotted to meet you and use this to close the deal! You can weave the magic even in 15 minutes or just leave a promising impression as soon as the meeting ends. “

I’ve attended quite a couple of client presentations, both on the client and supplier sides; I have seen a rockstar deck with a frigid speaker, no visuals but outstanding delivery, awesome narration of product yet clueless on the Q&A part, ahms from start to end, wandering eyes with baseless replies,  and so many other variations. But being prepared, doing your homework, beating the fear, and striking confidence usually help acquire the account or sustain a relationship for a future partnership, who knows.

Ideally, spend a couple of hours, if not days, to learn about their requirements. What do they need and what can you do to fill this need? How will you do it better? I bet they have met some other suppliers and you are just one of the choices, maybe not even a priority. So there is no way to be passive here, you got to stand out; cast a positive mark and aim to win!

(Image courtesy of  adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)