Online Marketing Campaign and Teamwork

Online Marketing Campaign and Teamwork

The success of an online marketing campaign comprises of so many factors. When meeting a Client, Consultants have to lay down the cards—discuss the process, give a clear picture of what’s going to happen, explain the jargons, and not over promised the result.

No magic spell in digital marketing!

Make each other understand (for POV of both Consultants and Clients) the scope of services so expectations can be fairly delivered.

  • Is blog writing part of the task or just content optimization?
  • Is there a full admin access to the CMS software or just as an editor?
  • Facts and Target must be clearly defined.

Now, let’s focus on the Teamwork for this is the most crucial part.

  1. Consultants should be eager and willing to address your technical questions.
  2. Although they don’t need to go to work every day, they should be able to answer emails/chats within 24 hours and accomplish the set deadlines.
  3. Consultants have to learn the Client’s nature of business by heart because they will engage with the audience on your behalf. Allot some time to explain the nature of your work and be open about it.
  4. Make a steady flow of communication at all time. This is especially most active during the first month and must be maintained as needed for the entire contract period.
  5. Outline your overall long and short term objectives so digital strategies can evolved around it.
  6. There will be FB questions that only the Client can answer, reply to it asap once you are prompted.
  7. Heads up the Consultant if you are to attend industry events and gatherings, this may be worth highlighting.
  8. Provide old and new images; even a decade-old photo is useful for the #ThrowBackThursday.
  9. Share, retweet the posts on your personal social pages. Support the online activities created for your brand.
  10. Recommendations shall be given to you by the Consultant every month to further improve your Google ranking and social media engagement, it is wise to inquire/learn its purpose and eventually implement it.

Online campaign is always a work in progress, be sure to be there as it happens and shapes the growth of your company.