Online Marketing Education: DIY or Paid?

Online Marketing Education: DIY or Paid?

According to Sunil Gupta, Edward W. Carter Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, a lot of companies have put more money into online marketing because it is more measurable, as opposed to television where you put millions of dollars without having an idea what you get for it.

From the ASEAN Outlook statement released by Moody’s Analytics, Philippines is one of the fastest growing economies in 2014 and has continued to do so. And with the rapidly evolving marketing and networking industry here in the country, one might think how it has changed.

Well, since today’s population is wired to the internet, with 33.6+ million users and 21.5 hours of SNS use,  it has been recorded that the country’s internet penetration rate has garnered to 39% and the mobile penetration rate upped to a 101%.

“The Philippines e-commerce market has a tremendous potential in terms of future growth because of a large number of people becoming adaptive towards online shopping trends with the help of rising internet and social media penetration rate in the country.” This statement from is a true eye opener with regard to the possible future of online digital marketing.

With the younger generations crazed over Facebook and other social networking sites, spending around 4 hours a day of their life over it, it’s not hard to imagine that Filipinos are some of the most engaged social media users in the Asia Pacific Region. This is a significant fact in relation to the positive state of social media marketing here in the country.

Considering that certain projects are also underway to help dramatically improve our dismal broadband infrastructures within the coming years, the state of Online Digital Marketing is truly very promising.

Marketing in the Internet Age

With the points discussed, it is quite obvious that digital marketing, although a new industry, is going to be a big boom in the job market today and up to the coming years. Because of this, more and more companies will want fresh talent that can represent them well—from designers, programmers, and of course, marketers. And this is where evolution of the marketing schema comes in.

From the traditional ways, we now find ourselves looking out to Social Networking Sites to get feedback from clients and to better our company’s visibility among the crowd. Further, since the Philippine job market of today is not yet that saturated with digital experts, there is lower competition and more professionals have the chance to be at the forefront of this growing industry.

Learning the basic skill set on Digital Marketing is pretty easy, as it can be learned online with the many free resources available. You can read up on them or go and apply for free online marketing classes (e.g. Google and other sites). But, keep in mind that these are very limited and basic, and won’t be of much help if you want to focus on a certain aspect of Digital Marketing, like Digital Marketing Analytics or Social Media Marketing.

Now, going to a credited digital marketing institute and getting a proper online marketing certification will be the better move, as there are certain advantages that come with this such as the following:

  • Getting relevant insights and advises from those who are part of a digital marketing agency or are running their own successfully.
  • Apply what you learned from the classroom and teachers while getting proper feedback from experts, instead of constantly doubting yourself if what you are doing is right.
  • Increase your Employee Value and gain an edge, as certification is very attractive to big companies as it shows that you have the relevant skill set valued by many employers hoping to compete in a fast-changing market.
  • You can go on and take a specialty course, learning what you need without the problems of over-information due to reading from varying sources that are often not consistent.

Today’s technology has paved its way for marketing to flourish in a new form that is the online way. Many companies are currently switching over to this new type of marketing strategy, and it is progressing to an extent of having too much demand and not enough supply in the job market nowadays.

For those wanting to take advantage of this phenomenon, it is time to reevaluate your answer to the question: Should I pay for a proper Online Marketing Education and get certified or stumble through the dark?

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