Organic Ways to Get Twitter Followers

Organic Ways to Get Twitter Followers

If online marketing budget is tight, try to explore ways and make sense of the initiative by applying organic strategies (natural and no-fee type of promotion) until the campaign budget becomes available. Begin by identifying the platforms where most of your target market is active and invest some time there.

Did you try tweeting? Conversations happen on Twitter and there are easy ways to be a part of it without running an advertisement. Followers may not come overnight in legions but you will surely get a fair number between 100 to 700+ in six months depending on the country and industry targeted. Approximately about 15% to 18% gained followers from your total number of following.

Create an account now and start with the following activities:

No to twitter egg profile unless you are a troll.

No to the egg profile unless you are a troll.

  1. Drop the egg profile.
  2. Use images/videos.
  3. Heart, retweet, reply.
  4. Pin most important post.
  5. Tweet at least once a day.
  6. Tag people related to the tweet.
  7. Write a good profile description.
  8. Reply to sensible direct messages.
  9. Follow people from your industry.
  10. Find a role model profile and follow who he is following.
  11. Follow accounts using the same hashtags of your interest.
  12. Do a follow-back but be keen to not follow the spammy type.
  13. Complete the details portion of the profile especially the description,  country, and website.
  14. After a month or two of following, unfollow those not following you back to get a better Twitter reputation. And unfollow those inactive (not tweeting) for more than a month. ManageFlitter can help you flush 1,200 “unfollowers” for free in one month.
  15. You can also check tools as to automate some of the engagement (as DMs, thank you tweets, and it can also do quick monitoring of your Twitter status with the free subscription) or run a campaign using Thunderclap or Twibbon.
  16. Limit the use of hashtagsTweet using trending hashtags that are valuable to your brand. According to a study by Buffer, hashtags affect engagement differently depending on the social network. Twitter posts with one hash generate 21% more engagements than tweets with three or more. So, limit your hash.

Hope this helps! Send us a message for suggestions or questions. Patience is truly a must virtue in digital.

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