Own Your Business Name on the Internet

Own Your Business Name on the Internet

online-marketing-consultant-philippines-blog-business-name-blogYour Consultant will tell you that this is the ideal online marketing scenario: when someone types your company name on the search engine box, your website must appear on top followed by your social media profiles, blog links, and other relevant articles written about your business. This will strengthen your digital credibility and can help you generate more web traffic, thus, a possible increase in the number of leads.

But it does not really come automatically for Google to rank your website as #1 especially if there are other business names it perceives to be more relevant.

There are 10 easy ways to help your company call the attention of search engine bots and give your website the rank it deserves!  Here are the possible strategies to implement:

  1. Write your business name in bold font as they appear on the body of your contents (Home, About US, blogs, etc.).
  2. Place your name in the first paragraph of your main pages and blogs (but not necessarily on all the pages).
  3. Your business name must be on the title of every page.
  4. Take your expertise on the net by consistently writing relevant blog posts (once a week is okay); help your readers learn more about your industry, be the one to answer their questions and solve their problems within the scope of your field.
  5. Share the posts via your active social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Google+).
  6. When you named your social pages, make sure it is the same or easily related to your business.
  7. When putting images on your website, include the name of your company to the image title and alternate tags (alt-tags). You may also save the file name  to your company name (ex. Image1.jpg  rename to Your-Business-Name-Here-blog1.jpg)
  8. Create a landing page that completely and professionally defines your product and/or service.
  9. Make site visitors prefer to stay longer on your site by creating an awesome content that will make them read longer.
  10. You may also install a live chat software (ClickDesk, Pure Chat, Zopim, among others) so they can communicate with you in real-time while still on your page.

Make your site search-engine-friendly by highlighting your company name even if you are not yet banking on the actual keyword study and implementation. This simple strategy will already (a) help your website rank,  (b) get your company noticed, (c) grab the attention of readers and target market, (d) build interest, educate and then eventually (e) convert site visitors into loyal customers.

Start with your name.

(Image courtesy of renjith krishnan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)