When Plotting Your Digital Marketing Strategy, Keep it Simple!

When Plotting Your Digital Marketing Strategy, Keep it Simple!

 When Plotting Your Digital Marketing Strategy, Keep it Simple!

Many companies have finally jumped into digital marketing and has been adapting given this  new environment with COVID-19 lurking around. At the height of all these, several applications, software, and tools are being introduced  in the market and it can be really overwhelming… let us not lose our sight off the main track. It is a must to stay focus at work and resist distractions. There will always be something new, better, and improved technology or platform to use but let us not get our mind out of what is really important. Sometimes the basic, simple way of doing things is still the best path for the business. Make sure to know…

…who you are talking to

Create a clear picture of your customers and build around contents that will draw them to you. Push your expertise so they can “run to you” or you become the “top of mind” person when they need assistance on your field. You can create specific profile to represent your audience—Who are they? What is the age range? What do they like to do? Interests? Activities? Pain points? Offer a ready answer as you help them sort their concerns.

…what is your messaging tone

Now that you understand your audience, find a tone that is relatable to them. This should still reflect your brand identity so you merge yours and their voice to communicate naturally. Will you use vernacular? Will you be friendly or serious? What is your CTA (call-to-action) mindset? Will you be using jargons or avoid technical terms?

…why are you doing it

You just don’t post for the sake of posting or just because you feel like doing it. You and your team must have a clear understanding of why we are drafting a social media content plan or why we are inserting keywords to a blog article. Why are we reaching out to partners for referral links? All these efforts are part of the whole online marketing strategy that we must integrate to succeed.

…what is your measurement of success

We don’t simply guess if the campaign is winning or not. Digital marketing team needs to plot specific KPIs (key performance indicator) to know all these undertaking are working. Getting a website inquiry can be considered an achievement for the SEO (search engine optimization) people but are the leads generated qualified for the sales department? Given this scenario, you can have two metrics and weigh how it can seamlessly blend together to reach ultimate result.

 When Plotting Your Digital Marketing Strategy, Keep it Simple!

New tools might help fast track the digital marketing steps but we must remain committed to deliver quality  contents for the audience to consume and for them to trust us in the long run. Providing value to customers should be made simple yet effective.