Prepare the Way for Your Online Presence

Prepare the Way for Your Online Presence

Most of the people we know have social media accounts. All of us are using Google to search for something on the net. We are one way or the other connected to digital and spending hours online. This massive usage of the internet is a clear opportunity for companies to maximize digital marketing reach. We are all a savvy and it will not be strange to dive here—you are ready!

Perhaps the drawback to begin the campaign is rooted with the confusion of what to use from the many available tools and identify what strategy is the most appropriate to your business. Setting up the priorities and aligning it with your on hand budget shape the success (or failure) in the long run.

Prepare the Way for Your Online Presence – Online Marketing Switch Blog

Here are some questions to consider today:

Strategy – How will you start? What are your goals? How do you aim to achieve it? Will you focus on social media only or include a website? Do you have a database for the email marketing? Would you consider reaching out to news companies, bloggers and influencers (this is a must for SEO)?

Budget – How much are you willing to spend? Is this a realistic amount? Will you run an advertisement on Facebook only or include Pay-Per-Click on Google Search? Do you need to hire a new team or get a consultant?

Timeline – Do you have a clear picture of what you wish to accomplish in six months to one year? How will you implement it?

Social Media – Where are you audience? For executive search industry, LinkedIn would be the best platform. For travel, beautiful scenic photos would be ideal to display on Instagram. For majority of brands, Facebook is the sure medium to reach the Filipino market. (If you have time and resources to be in more than one social account then feel free to manage three profiles.)

Manpower – Who can write the content and design the images? Will you maintain daily posting or manage it four times a week? Who will write your blog?

Technical Skill – How willing are you to jump into the digital marketing space? Are you eager to spend time optimizing your website, making it more human and search-engine-friendly? Will you be drawn to translating insights and analytics to sales conversions?

These are just some thoughts but it is guaranteed to  give you an overview of what’s in store in the world of digital. Are you still clueless where to start? Our Team can help you properly develop a game plan and walk you towards the right path of online marketing. We plot a specific strategy according to your current assets versus what your company must use to become digital-ready. We draft a realistic timeline and implement each action plan with real results. Let’s talk.