Right Attitude to Manage an Online Marketing Campaign

Right Attitude to Manage an Online Marketing Campaign

Other than having a technical know-how about online marketing and its jargons, right attitude towards handling a digital campaign is a requirement to succeed.

For all we know and as the cliché dictates, success does just happen overnight when running a long-term internet marketing goal.

Right attitude is a must!

You don’t get to organically rank #1 tomorrow on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) when you roll a well-planned on-page optimization today. Say, no thanks to your SEO consultant then? Bet even a magician can’t do that.

  • Be a team player. The vast scope of online marketing may prompt more than just one person to take the lead. Someone has to write the contents. Monitor the analytics. Manage the social media community. Create layouts. Update the website. Do the assigned tasks well, collaborate properly and don’t be an annoying, know-it-all, selfish member of the team.
  • Yearn to learn. There is something new every day. If you have perfected reading FB Insights the past months, hurray! There is now a new Ads Manager dashboard. There are effective tools being introduced, reintroduced, updated, renamed, and repackaged. Resist taking too much confidence to the point that you’ve perceived yourself as the ultimate expert of a particular platform; we are all an eternal-student in the digital world. Leave space for continuous humble learning.
  • Have a forgiving heart. Here goes another cliché, forgive yourself during the process and learn from your mistakes. There will be errors, miscalculated targets, inefficient metrics, sleepless nights but it is just part of online marketing’s reality.  Don’t stop and let the process teach you to excel.

Mistake-Forgive-Learn-Move On-Try Again

  • Patience is a virtue. Third cliché and yet very applicable to digital, you cannot absorb everything in one snap.  Exploring a Content Management System (CMS) takes time to master. Being able to read even a basic HTML code is never a breeze. Getting visible result on your SEO strategy does not occur over a day. WAIT.
  • Maintain the enthusiasm. Keep it burning with Mr. Google, Mr. Zuckerberg and all the other internet brands and personas more applicable to your business. Something new is always on the rise and instead of being overwhelmed by the gazillion of information being fed to us, rather be excited and identify what’s relevant to digitally explore vis-à-vis your current campaign.
  • Stay consistent. There might be no outcome just yet, but still reach out to your target market. Have daily posts on Facebook even if no conversion is taking shape at the moment. Write a weekly blog, continue improving the content and promoting the page although it might feel like no one is actually reading (rely on your analytics). You’ll reap your harvest (leads will come) soon enough; do what you must, always allow a space to learn, and never stop.

 (Images courtesy of  Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)