Start your Digital Marketing Campaign the Easy Way

Start your Digital Marketing Campaign the Easy Way

Integrating online marketing has been the aim of several companies in the Philippines; it is now a must to have a business presence on the internet. But there are a lot of owners and managers who appear intimidated or clueless where to start. Not diving into the jargons, there are easy ways to start your own digital implementation. Get accustomed to it; sooner or later you will be comfier to go deeper and become more technical with your initiative.

Dive to Digital Marketing Philippines

  • Start with what you know—Facebook. A March 2015 study says that there are about 40+M Facebook accounts in the country, how many more in 2016 with intensified mobile use? Any business will be able to capture part of its target market in partnership with FB. Create a Fan Page for your product or service and commit yourself to daily posting at least once or twice a day. Make sure you quickly reply to messages for this will enhance customer relationship. Also, allot a budget for boosting (aka advertising);  your page won’t be able to reach much unless you spend.
  • Find another social media platform that you are familiar with and engage there too.
  • Do you like to write? Craft videos? Create images (like memes and infographics)? Or do you have a staff who can do such? Establish yourself as an expert in the industry and share it with your community. Be the go-to-person and help solve their issues given your field.
  • Ask around and scout for a trusted web developer to work on your website. This is a very vital part of the campaign.  Have a clear picture of what you want to put there, treat it like your portfolio and display your strength. Find a benchmark and enhance it. Try not to worry too much about the codes; what’s more important is you know what you want and you understand your clients, thus, you know more what to highlight.
  • Were you able to keep the email addresses of your customers?  You can browse this again and send them an email (manual or via software like MailChimp). Perhaps reintroduce your new campaign and reiterate your direction of going digital (plus mention any additional services you may have added to your menu.  Maybe give them discount too or freebies when availing a particular promo?).
  • Do you know some bloggers? Do you have some friends doing PR? Request them to feature you on their blogs and have a link back to your site. Reaching out to online influencers can help boost your popularity.

If you have questions on how to apply the listed online activities above, feel free to send an email today.

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