What Stays the Same in Digital Marketing?

What Stays the Same in Digital Marketing?

When managing a digital marketing campaign, get ready to get on top of these related online segments:

  • Overall content – echoing integrated message across a changing platform
  • Website on desktop and mobile – communicating to humans and being crawled by search engines with Google’s algorithm religiously doing updates
  • Social media – building a closer engagement to followers with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn constantly launching new features
  • Internet advertising – delivering clicks and conversions per KPI with results on a dashboard that is always improving
  • Email marketing – writing a striking mail to be read by recipients (and not be put to junk at a most-likely  phase)
  • Insights and Analytics – monitoring what work and does not over a frequent beta system

All these activities may not be easy to grasp in one sitting and it takes time to smoothly apply the strategy but you will surely get the hang of it if driven in perseverance.”

A good, agile team is also a big factor to acquire success. Those who are brave to explore and resilient to keep up, no matter what! Results may not always come all-optimistic but the challenge is how to improve and convert moving forward. More so, accept mistakes and learn from the process. Collaborate and be generous to share individual expertise.

Digital Marketing Blog on Change

If you have been reading my blog, you may have observed that I always emphasize having “positive attitude” in diving into online, although technical know-how is as important BUT going a long way and properly integrating the items listed above may not be achieved if the person is disheartened quickly (over a failed campaign boosted only once).

Prepare a realistic checklist of what you can and cannot do then identify the people who can fill the gap of what you do not know so that you can complete a Team that is all set and ready to be your warrior.

As what I have been reiterating:

Digital marketing is always changing but what stays the same is our positive attitude to keep up from this eternal change.”