8 Easy to Implement Website Tips

8 Easy to Implement Website Tips

Your website has to be both human and robot friendly to push maximum reach. It has to serve its purpose, be seen on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and maintain its consistent digital visibility without compromising the quality of contents. It is meant to integrate all aspects of your brand (online and offline marketing campaigns, social media profiles, public relations, among others) and showcase who you really are on top of the many competitors. It has to grab attention, highlight the credibility, and bank on trust. Take time to review your site and be open to revise as needed with these easy-to-apply tips.

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If you have an existing website or planning to build one, here are some initial thoughts to consider without lingering much on the jargons:

  1. Make your product or service loud and clear. Homepage must immediately identify what your website is all about; no going around the bush.
  2. Update your contents with latest blog posts and build expertise in your field. Become one of the go-to persons within your niche.
  3. Include a call-to-action (CTA) buttons and be specific on what you want your site visitors to do. Inquire now? Request a demo? Subscribe to the mailing list? Get update about your service? Fill the shopping cart?
  4. All your pages must be working properly as you have indicated. Menus, anchor texts, and buttons must be clickable and are redirecting to the right active links.
  5. Image size has to be right and the page needs to load fast (average fully loaded time is 6.9 seconds). Use GTmetrix to check your site speed performance and read through their advice for enhancement; share the report with your web developer so he can implement the changes needed.
  6. Everyone is on mobile and so must be your website.
  7. Check if it is easy to navigate leaving no one lost in the maze.
  8. Install Google Analytics and Search Console to understand your traffic and get recommendations for improvement.

There are more strategies to quickly optimize your website without being too technical, you may refer to my blog about SEO checklist here.